Yoga is a very ancient practice, traditionally originating from India.

What we practice today in the West, is mainly Hatha yoga, that is the yoga of the body, where you practice positions that prepare, open, strengthen and stretch the body.

Among this big “family” the majority of the styles of yoga known to us today were developed: Hatha Flow, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Power Vinyasa and so on, they are all “children” of Hatha Yoga.

Also at Yoga Roof we offer mainly physical yoga, but not only. Clicking on Classes you will find a description of the kinds of yoga we offer and, should you have any more questions, you can call us (091 224 81 34).

We believe though, that the best way (maybe the only one) to understand what yoga is and to experience the benefits of the practice is by doing it. We therefore invite you to explore and try all our classes, to find the ones you like or the ones that suit you.