Yin Yoga Training_POSTPONED


Intensive Course, March 28-29. With Egon Castlunger, at Yoga Roof Lugano Sud.

After being a guest in our Teacher Training, Egon Castlunger returns by popular demand for a Yin yoga training.

Friday 27th March, 20.00-21.00 Kirtan and short presentation of the course of the following days.
Price: 15 CHF

Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 March, 9.30-12.30 / 13.30-16.30 Intensive Yin Yoga Course: For teachers and practitioners

Now that Yin Yoga is becoming increasingly popular in the world of Yoga, it is important that new teachers have a clear idea about it: What is it? Where does it come from? What is its purpose? How and when to practice? What are the contraindications? How do the poses of Yin Yoga relate to other styles of Yoga?

Yin Yoga is a simple but advanced style of Yoga, which was born from the Taoist tradition, and focuses on the deepest tissues of the body: the connective tissues – ligaments, joints, bones and deep networks of the body fascia – rather than the muscles (which are the physical focus of Yang yoga practices), with passive and longer poses.

In addition to the physical benefits on different levels, Yin Yoga in paricular acts on the deep Meridians (energy channels), which we will study in detail, both in theory and practice.

The specific points we will touch on in the course will be:

  • Anatomy, connective tissues
  • Single Asanas of Yin Yoga
  • Energy Anatomy (Meridians)
  • Sequencing/Pacing/
  • Yin and mixed Yin/Yang sequences

Price for Saturday and Sunday: 280 CHF
Early Bird (until 28 February): 260 CHF

Reservation for workshops are binding. If for any reason you should not be able to attend a workshop you are signed up for, we kindly ask you to cancel your reservation with at least 24 hour notice. Should this not be the case, the class will be billed.

Egon: Egon grew up in the Dolomite Alps (Northern Italy). Already very young he started to explore the world, which has awakened his attention to different cultures, philosophies and healing sciences. He studied Naturopathy and Zen Shiatsu in Germany and Switzerland (1998-2004), practicing and studying Yoga since then with various teachers, including 3 years with Paul Grilley. Specialized in Yin Yoga, Hatha, Bhakti. Continuing his studies today in music, healing techniques and ancient shamanic traditions. After living for more than 10 years in Switzerland, he moved back to Italy in 2018.(For more information: www.artofyinyoga.com)