Ursula Lotti

Yoga has always been the heart of my life experience. I started practicing Hatha Yoga at a very young age.

I lived for a few years in an ashram (monastery) in both the United States and India. During this time I had the opportunity to deepen both the practice of Hatha Yoga and the study of Eastern philosophies.
During those years I followed the teachings of professors such as D.Brooks, P.M Ortega and B.Mahoney and several Hatha Yoga teachers, including John Friend and Laura Loftus.
After this wonderful and transforming experience I returned to Europe and tried to integrate what I had learned into my daily life, and to apply it also to my work experience as a human resources manager in different organizations.
Afterwards I decided to deepen my practice of Hatha Yoga with specialized workshops in yoga for children, “Hormon Yoga Therapies” for women and Yoga for the elderly.
Today I offer courses with the desire to share the sweetness and spiritual depth of a path that combines the beauty of the body’s balance.

Pics: Alina Smit (www.alinasmit.com)