Pilates starts as an individual rehabilitation technique: doctor Joseph Pilates used to work on one person at a time to bring back on stage in the shortest time possible dancers and sports stars.

Though today the many beautiful group classes are widely spread, Pilates is still practiced at it’s peak during private sessions. Only like this the teacher can truly focus on the unique needs of each body.

At Yoga Roof we give you the possibility to set an appointment with our teachers. Privates can be with one up to 4 person at a time.

This means that you can organize with a group of friends or colleagues, or even with your husband/wife, choose the time that best suits you and make sure you’ll have all the care and attention of the trainer.  Private lessons can be in both of Yoga Roof’s locations, with machines Pilates Walls (only at Yoga Roof Lugano South) or without, at your home or office.

Call us or write to us for more informations or to reserve your class. 091 224 81 34 | info@yogaroof.ch

Pilates at Yoga Roof

1 person

2 persons

3 persons

4 persons

60 minutes

90.- chf

50.- chf pp

40.- chf pp

35.- chf pp

5 classes/60 min

85.- chf

47.- chf pp

38.- chf pp

33.- chf pp

10 classes/60 min

81.- chf

45.- chf pp

36.- chf pp

31.- chf pp

For more than 4 participant the forfait is 150 CHF per class.

There is a supplement of 20.- chf for Home classes.

The mat rental is 2.- chf at our studios, but 5.- chf if we have to bring it home.

Appointments are binding. Missed classes or cancelled with less than 24 hour notice will be charged fully.

As a guarantee, we will ask a credit card number for the booking of the fist Private lesson.