Since I was a child, I have played many sports, including competitive sports. Athletics and swimming have trained and accompanied me for many years, leading me to become a trainer and instructor. Always looking for innovation and alternatives in training, I approached the world of fitness, which I have never abandoned. Over the years I have specialized becoming a personal trainer and instructor in various areas of fitness (step, walking program, trx, gag, body tone, etc.) and water fitness (water gym and hydrobike). I got to know the world of pilates in 2004, following an injury during a training session. While practicing it regularly, I immediately realized its enormous benefits: improvement of sports performance and athletic gesture, prevention of injuries and, in this case, rehabilitation. For this reason I decided to specialize in the Pilates technique, both as matwork and with the help of machines and small tools, to be able to teach it not only in its pure form but also in combination with other sports activities, especially in the athletic preparation phase.

My priority is to be able to transmit to the students the ability to improve themselves lesson after lesson, whether starting from a basic level or more advanced, in order to feel better outside and feel good inside.

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