New Power Pilates & GAG on Friday

Preparation for the Summer starts now!
Berta invites you to the new Power Pilates Wall & GAG (Legs + abs + glutes) class on Friday morning, from 9.00 to 10.00 at Yoga Roof Lugano Sud.

This is Berta’s message for you: Come tone “hard” with us. We will do Power Pilates Wall, as usual, but we will focus on those parts that are more critical for su women. We will work to sculpt especially the legs and the abs. We will do several series to work the whole group of abdominal muscles. An intense workout, specifically targeting your feeling great (like a queen)!

Recommended for those of you who already have some basic knowledge of Pilates and want to work intensely, progress in the practice and in the bikini shape. 

Book your class for an entire month and check out the difference on your body and your mood!