New Schedule

Our new schedule is online, in pdf and at desk in printed version

More than 60 new classes.

We doubled the classes in the morning: we have one for the for the early risers at 9.00 am and another one for the ones that love to stay in bed a little more at 10.00 am.

We alternate more dynamic classes and more calm ones, both in Centro and at Lugano South, in order to give you freedom of choice.

You’ll find more Antygravity Yoga and Aerial Pilates classes so you can feel how those two disciplines change with the use of hammock (so beautiful).

In Centro we bought the barre to do Pilates Barre, a class that blend the classic Pilates exercises with the ballet ones.

We also have classes for pregnant women and for the new moms: Prenatal Yoga on Tuesday evening and Mom&Baby Pilates Tuesday morning.

Pick up a copy of the schedule to attack to the fridge or download it on the computer or smartphone, in order to have it always with you and see all the classes in a glance.

Here below the version to print or download: