“Movement is life! If you improve the quality of movement you improve life”( M. Feldenkrais) I have been studying movement and posture all my life. I realized very early on that I have a great passion for teaching body movement. Helping people to move in a harmonious way, drawing all the benefits from movement to find a correct posture is my vocation. I started studying ballet at the age of 6 and I graduated as a teacher at RAD (Royal Academy of Dancing based in London). I have dedicated many years to teaching dance, always placing a great interest in the anatomy of the body, which has always been the basis of my studies. Knowing the Bio mechanics of your body allows you to face the athletic gesture in a correct way making it free and fluid.
I started to study the Pilates method on myself during the years of teaching dance discovering the incredible advantages it had on my body and so I decided to become a teacher in order to transfer that wonderful discovery to others. I got my Pilates Teacher diploma from Annamaria Cova’s school in 1999. Over the years I have integrated the technique studying with many artists of international fame (Alan Herdman, Elisabeth Larkam, Claudia Fink, Serafino Ambrosio, Julian Littleford) and I have joined the study of Pilates, courses of anatomy, functional rehabilitation, posturology (Bernard Bricot), Meridiani Miofasciali ( Anatomy Trains – Thomas Myers) plantar reflexology ( zu school) I attended the courses with Yamuna of “body Rolling ” I attended the courses of “conditioning for dance” with Eric Franklin I got the diploma of “Yogilates” with Jonathan Urla and I was among the first in Italy to certify with Jonathan Hoffman teacher of CoreAlign. I have been collaborating for some years with MAB (international ballet award) as a teacher of anatomy applied to dance.
During these wonderful years and ‘increased in me the awareness that each of us has valuable resources that help to find the right balance to have a healthy and “happy” body.

Pics: Alina Smit (www.alinasmit.com)