Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

From Saturday 28th March for 8 consecutive Saturdays, from 8.30 am to 10.30 am, with Enrique Sanz. In Italian. Online. 

Mindfulness is here defined as “non-judgmental awareness of the present moment cultivated through deliberate attention”.

The awareness of the present moment leads us, initially, to greater peace of mind. In these times of pandemic, which implies a medical component that impacts some but also a psychic component that impacts all, it becomes essential to find peace.

The method uses a combination of meditation, body awareness and yoga to help people become more present.

The method takes 8 weeks to allow participants to get used to a daily practice. It is with the constancy of the practice that the greatest benefits of meditation are felt. The program includes about 45 minutes a day of work at home between meetings. You will soon discover, however, that more than a waste of energy, and a further commitment to your busy schedule, it is actually a moment of extreme relaxation and possibly an energy recharge.

The method is secular – scientific. Developed by Professor Jon Kabat Zinn at the end of the 70s to help people deal with trauma or pain otherwise difficult to treat in a clinical setting, today this method is widespread and used in a wide variety of fields: from businesses, hospitals, schools, etc..

The positive effects of mindfulness are many and proven, such as – for example – in the case of stress reduction, chronic pain, depression and anxiety.

If life is a “complete catastrophe”, as the Greek Zorba defines it in the movie of the same name, mindfulness meditation is the tool that allows you to live life to the full without being overwhelmed by it. And, perhaps, to be able to find even a pinch of poetry in the catastrophe.

Price: 490 CHF or pay what you can (by making a deposit “for MBSR” to: Yoga Roof Sagl, Postal account: 65-713142-2, IBAN: CH58 0900 0000 6571 3142 2)