The first time you come to Yoga Roof to do Pilates we would love to have a chat with you!

We call it an “informative session” and it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve done Pilates before, we would still like to know your injury history, your problems, your strengths, your expectations and needs. Only this way our teachers will be able to assess you and give you the best possible Pilates experience. Our teachers will be able to modify, add or take out exercises during the class to suit your needs. In some cases, a specific class, level or teacher could be more suitable to you and you could be redirected towards that. Or in other cases, a couple of private classes could help you more than many group classes. Let us take special care of you!

Please let us know when you intend to come to one of our classes and we will make sure the teacher will have enough time, either before or after the class, to talk to you.

All other times you come? 

It is a good practice to get to the studio a little early, to register at the reception, pay, change your clothes, go to the classroom, roll out the mat and relax/breathe … before the class starts. Even if you make your reservation online you must announce yourself at the reception desk. (see the “schedule” for booking online).

If you arrive late, please go in with as little fuss as possible and find a spot for your mat without disturbing the class.

How should I dress?

Please wear what you want, just be comfortable! Barefoot, with or without socks, is better.

Please no strong odors...

It is good practice to come to class clean and not wearing perfumes that might interfere with the practice of others.

Coming with full or empty stomach?

A full tummy is not compatible with a Pilates class. A couple of roll ups will leave you no doubt about that… Try not to eat 2 hours before the lesson, but if you’re hungry you should have a small snack.

The Mat:

We recommend you bring your own mat, if you have it, or buy one (we sell them at the reception and on our online shop). You can also rent a mat at the reception for CHF 2 .- (rented mats are cleaned and disinfected). Please ask the teacher where to place the mat in class.


Please leave your shoes in the dressing room. Yoga Roof is a shoeless environment.


Be sure to turn off or mute the phone before going to class.


In the dressing room you can leave clothes, but if you have object of great value we recommend that you take them with you (jewelry, watches, money …). Yoga Roof takes no responsibility for any loss or theft of personal belongings.

After the lesson:

Kindly help us to keep the studio neat: fold blankets and return rollers, bands, balls to the shelf after class. Rental mats must be put in the “used mats” box. Thank you.

Lounge area:

In front of the reception there is a lounge area where you can hang out, before and after the class, have some water or biscuits, browse magazines, meet other people or just sit and relax!

If you have any other questions we are here to assist you!