I started to cultivate the yogic practice about fifteen years ago, when I was living in Milan and I was looking for a physical activity with a different approach compared to previous sports: growing up at sea and in the open air I was lucky enough to experience different sports such as running, horse riding, sailing, diving, boxing and swimming; I was already attending Pilates courses, but I felt the need for a different knowledge of my physical and emotional potential. The move to Rome in 2009 determined a radical change of approach to the discipline thanks to the meeting with Yoga Teacher Patricia Pasinotti, a ten-year experience and certified Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher by Master David Swenson and with her Master Roberto Bocchi certified Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher by Master Lino Miele: so the mainly physical approach to the discipline of Yoga has been completely transformed in the awareness of the experiential potential emerged from the deepening of the millenary practice in daily study.

The arrival in Lugano in 2013 was the turning point that opened a new opportunity for me and allowed me to cultivate this love and consolidate it in my daily life: in 2014 I started studying Power Yoga with Maestro Roberto Bocchi, I completed the course of the First Year and now I’ve arrived to attend the Fourth. In 2015 I obtained the 200h Yoga Alliance teacher certification. In 2017 I started and completed the course of teachers of Hot Yoga Terapy Liv.1 at the FB School of Milano Marittima, with Master Boris Bazzani, in 2018 I started the second year of Hot Yoga Terapy Liv.2 Course, I completed and received the certification for the course in 2019, passing the final exam, I’m waiting to receive the certification of the Yoga Alliance for the 500 hours of course attended, in January 2020 I completed the course taught by Yoga Nidra. I attend monthly workshops and retreats of great Masters such as Lino Miele, David Swenson, Stewart Gilchrist, Cristina Finocchi, Manju Jois, Dr. Kausthub Desikachar, Elena Demartin and as soon as I can I roll up the mat and travel to learn and approach the infinite knowledge of this wonderful discipline: in every city where I go, I go to a new Yoga center and learn, always. Yoga is for me a source of love, knowledge and exploration, inner and outer. It is an instrument of life, a gift I received when I met people full of love who have communicated to me, thanks to their passion, an alternative way. When one receives such a beautiful gift, it is instinctive the desire to reciprocate and share it, as I hope to do by teaching and transmitting to my neighbor the exploration of the self that every asana tells us. Just listen to your breath, in it there is the music with which our heart dances. Life is beautiful, with more yoga!

Pics: Alina Smit (www.alinasmit.com)