From September every Tuesday only online and every Thursday from 12.30 to 13.20 studio and online, with Irene Caravati, at Yoga Roof Lugano Sud.

HIIT FLOW is a fusion of high intensity training and postural and pilates exercises. This lesson will be structured in circuits with total body exercises to be performed in time, preceded by a warm-up where you will search for mobility and core activation.

A high intensity work that will lead your body to increase your heart rate, burn fat during and after training and increase the energy expenditure of your whole day.

In just 45′ you’ll get a full body activation and you can focus only on your exercises.

Lessons are regular and are included in the booklets and subscriptions.


Irene: I specialize in functional re-education, with a master’s degree in Motor Sciences from the University of Urbino and I have directed my work in adapted and functional physical activity.

I have obtained several diplomas, including that of Pilates Matwork teacher, Personal Trainer and postural educator; these trainings have given me the opportunity to approach training in a more conscious way, giving maximum attention to the individual.

In addition, I have always been passionate about sports, I enjoy practicing triathlon and for some time I have been practicing Ashtanga with Linda from Yoga Roof.

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