FREE CONFERENCE-Mindful Parenting

Sunday, January 19, from 14:30 to 16:00, free information meeting on the course “Mindful Parenting” proposed by Yoga Roof in collaboration with Cristina Castelli, psychotherapist. At Lugano SOUTH, in Italian

The meeting will be characterized by a brief theoretical introduction, a part of practical experience and then a space open to sharing and questions.
Please bring a photo of your children (also on your mobile phone).

The “Mindful Parenting” training will start on February 9th for an total of 8 meetings of one hour and a half.

This course teaches us how to apply the tools and skills of mindfulness to the experience of being a parent so as to improve our ability to: take care of ourselves and others; cultivate an empathetic attitude towards us and that is close to us; being able to deal with difficult emotions; listen and talk carefully; recognize the moments in which we are conditioned by past experiences and return to the here and now; relate differently to suffering: not all external factors can be changed, but it can change our way of seeing and dealing with them; to live with greater fullness and satisfaction the moments of joy and don’t lose heart in difficult times.

The meeting is free, but if you announce yourself you will help us to plan better…
We look forward to seeing you!
Yoga Roof and Cristina