Welcome to Yoga Roof, a yoga and pilates studio with two locations in Lugano, where under one roof we host many different types of yoga & Pilates. The goal is that everyone can find the class that suits their needs and expectations. We offer you the opportunity to learn to relax and breathe, while gaining true and correct posture, strengthening and making the body flexible, giving peace of mind and much more. Your guide will be our teachers, all highly qualified and dedicated to the practice of yoga while respectful of your limits. The environment of our center is bright, friendly and informal: there are no age restrictions, it takes no special requirements, and everyone is welcome!

How to find the right course?

We suggest you begin with this site. Visit the schedule page and see the listing of courses. Here you find, hours, location, level and language of the class. You can click on the course to find its description. You can also click on the name of the teacher to read a brief biography. This should guide you and help you in making your first choice.


Just by doing yoga you can understand what it is. We encourage you to jump in any class that is “For all” or “Open” or Level 1. The fundamental guide you should always follow is yourself: listen to your body! Don’t ever do something you don’t feel like doing and take all the breaks you need!

Periodically we organize a workshop on “The fundaments of yoga”. Ask us when the next one will be or look it up on the site or schedule. This is an excellent place to start.

The first time? 

We recommend arriving at least 15 minutes before class so as to have time to register your data (if you have not already done so through this website under the heading “Schedule”) and to buy they plan you would like . It is useful then to tell your teacher if you have physical problems or about your general health: in many cases yoga can help you, but the teacher must be informed. Be aware, we take it for granted that you have health insurance and we believe that you are responsible for yourself.

All other times you come? 

It is a good practice to get to the studio a little early, to register at the reception, pay, change your clothes, go to the classroom, roll out the mat and relax/breathe … before the class. Even if you make your reservation online you must register at the reception desk. (see the “schedule” for booking online).

If you arrive late, please wait outside the door until you hear the Om of the beginning of the class. After that you can go in as quietly as possible and find a spot for your mat.

How should I dress? Please wear what you want, just be comfortable! Barefoot is better.

Please no strong perfumes...

In the practice of yoga, there is often only a few inches from your mat to the next. It is good practice to come to class clean and not wearing perfumes that might interfere with the practice of others.

Coming with full or empty stomach?

A couple sun salutations will make you understand that it takes some energy to do yoga, but that you can’t have a lot of food in the stomach either… Try not to eat 2 hours before the lesson, but if you’re hungry you should have a small snack.

The Mat:

We recommend you bring your own mat or buy one (we sell them at the reception and on our online shop). You can also rent a mat at the reception for CHF 2 .- (rented mats are cleaned and disinfected). Please ask the teacher where to place the mat in class: in some very popular classes you may need to be very close to your neighbor.


Please leave your shoes in the dressing room. Yoga Roof is a shoeless environment.


Be sure to turn off or mute the phone before going to class.


In the dressing room you can leave clothes, but we recommend that you take with you the most precious things (jewelry, watches, money …). Yoga Roof takes no responsibility for any loss or theft of personal belongings.

After the lesson:

Kindly help us to keep the studio neat: fold blankets and return blocks and straps to the shelf after class. Rental mats must be put in the “used mats” box. Thank you.

Lounge area:

In front of the reception there is a lounge area where you can hang out, before and after the class, have some water or biscuits, browse magazines, meet other yogis and yoginis or just sit and relax!

If you have any other questions we are here to assist you!