With Isabella Rondelli, Sunday 6 September, from 10.00 to 11.45, Lugano Sud

Come and practice together with Isabella your Detox After Summer class to face the new season with a lighter spirit. You will be able to practice a sequence specially designed to help our organs in their natural detoxification process by performing the asanas that come to you, a significant and powerful practice to massage the body from the inside, in order to enhance its natural regeneration processes.

Thanks to the guided execution of torsion, bending, stretching and flexion postures, it will be possible to perform a delicate compression of the organs that will help us to circulate again free and fluid our inner energy, leaving behind those little summer vices that we may have allowed ourselves in excess during the summer.

The role of eliminating toxins from the body remains an essential regeneration process: the more we help our digestive system to move the waste we naturally produce, the more our intestines will benefit from our innate powers of detoxification.

The Hatha Flow sequence will begin with a session of breathing exercises and continue with asanas to stimulate digestion and the thyroid gland, build muscle and move our internal organs.

The breath will remain the focus of the sequence: each inhalation will guide the stretching and each exhalation will allow the compression of internal organs getting rid of everything we do not want and do not need.

A final guided relaxation sequence will conclude the practice, to allow us to consolidate, internally, every stimulus acquired.

Students are invited not to eat within two hours, preferably three hours before the practice, in order to maximize the benefits of the practice.

Price: 30 Fr.(10% discount for annual subscribers)