Born in Lugano, I spent my life between Italy and Switzerland with a one-year Erasmus experience in France. Graduated in philosophy, I then specialized in communication and event organization where I worked for eight years. I believe in continuous evolution, kindness and gratitude, I consider myself a seeker of meaning and this journey in search of a deep meaning in life led me to the encounter with yoga. I am convinced that I did not find yoga by chance, but that it was he who called me. It all started as a simple desire to spend an hour with friends doing something for the body and it slowly turned into love for the possibility of uniting body, mind and spirit in a single discipline and even more so of being able to make an inner path through the body and vice versa. In these years of practice I have learned that the work on the mat is a mirror of how one is in life, of one’s strengths, fears, energies and limits and it is fantastic how yoga is a powerful tool of knowledge and self-change. Yoga for me can be described as an onion: you have to eliminate the outer layers to reach the center, and so I had to, and still am, crumbling my superficial armor in search of lightness and harmony of the heart. I decided in 2018 to undertake training as a RYT200 yoga teacher recognized by the Yoga Alliance to deepen my knowledge of this discipline and to have the opportunity to share with other people the immense growth potential I have found on myself. In my classes I would like to convey the idea that life is a continuous change in which strength and lightness integrate naturally and how a dance can be harmoniously combined in the flow of the body through the positions that this ancient discipline has handed down to us, as in the constant flow of life. The Buddha said: You can only live happy in the present moment, it is the only one we have.

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