I approached Yoga out of curiosity, in a Summer morning on the floating platform of Riva Caccia. After the first class I was already in love and I never stopped practicing. Yoga make me always feel good and in peace. I started the Teacher Training of Yoga Roof in 2017/18 and I graduated in June 2018. It was a wonderful experience. I had the opportunity to start teaching right after the graduation and I’m so happy to share my passion with others. My style is dynamic and flowing. Asanas are done in rhythm with the breath, activating the muscles and calming the mind.I am also an health coach and I love pair the health coaching activities with Yoga to increase the wellbeing of everyone. For more info check out my website: https://daisycookiescorner.wordpress.com/
Pics: Alina Smit (www.alinasmit.com)