In this class we use props and small equipment like foam rollers, fitness circles and balls to keep to help us through and keep the workouts playful. The breathing techniques in Pilates help to alleviate stress, foster relaxation and attain a state of presence. This class will focus on exploring movements that enhance core stability, control and body awareness. We will work on relieving tension in the neck and shoulders, increasing the body’s elasticity and challenging ourselves to create new strengths and balance.

This teaching can benefit any body and all are welcome.


Yoga Roof is the only studio in Ticino to have a special room equipped with Pilates Walls!

The Pilates Wall works much like the Pilates Reformer and Cadillac commonly used in personal training. Here you can enjoy the same kind of workout but in the context of a regular group class.

We will be using springs attached to the wall to benefit from a great variety of exercises with a focus on the core, hips, and shoulders; we use a combination of our body weight and spring tension to create resistance. The resistance of the spring, like no other small equipment can challenge and develop our resistance and help us tone our body.

We are excited to offer this new class and to share the benefits of this new equipment!

This class is appropriate for people of all levels and experience.


The main objective of this Pilates class is to give you a healthy, strong and flexible body, balanced with your mind. Power Pilates intensifies and speeds up a little the exercises to strengthen the core and expand your lung capacity. Beyond the weight of your own body, we will be using small equipment that will make the over 350 exercises invented by dr. Joseph Pilates even more effective and fun. This class is intense and open to all.


Postnatal Pilates can help alleviate back and neck pain, rebuild the pelvic floor, flatten our abdominals, teach us ways to avoid injury and gain new strength. This is a class where everything is allowed to accomodate yours and your babies needs: you can stop any time to feed, cuddle or change the baby. We will use the weight of our baby for resistance and adapt traditional Pilates exercises for individual needs. At this stage in life our needs and activities are so often bound to our babies, this class can be a time to embrace this. It’s also a time when we can learn so much from other mothers and babies and build many new kinds of friendships and connections. Bring your baby, bring a mat, maybe a few toys, definitely bring a sense of humor, and let’s find new strengths together! This class is open to anyone from 6weeks to12months postpartum.


A focus on a good warm up before well choreographed dance cardio and fun at the Barre, strengthening the core, realigning the body and feeling the joy of graceful and thorough stretching.