I discovered yoga completely by accident on a trip to Bali. It hit me right in the heart, and that’s where it stayed.
Yoga for me is pure movement and total absorption of the mind and senses. I love to have the opportunity and time to explore and experience each Asana to the rhythm of the breath and to lose myself in the flow of movement. I also love to add a note of slight difficulty to my classes to allow the participants of my classes to always experience something new and enjoy the feeling of liberation that you feel when you cross the limit of what is called “comfort zone”.
I obtained my RYS 200 diploma in Zurich and continued to practice wherever I had the opportunity. The carpet is my most faithful travel companion, both of what you travel through plane tickets and hostels, and of the most important one that takes place every day inside each of us, called life.

Pics: Alina Smit (www.alinasmit.com)