I was correspondent in Washington D.C. for Swiss Italian Radio and Television and was writing a report on a press conference between heads of state. The declarations of intent were always the same: good intentions and promises that, after a few days, would be forgotten and then surpassed by new declarations. At that moment I experienced an epiphany: if everyone would do a little yoga, then things would get better! As absurd as it was, the thought never came out of my head again: if each of us could be more at peace with ourselves, more healthy both physically and mentally, we would certainly be a better human being, kinder and more respectful of others, and, let’s face it, the whole society would be infected. Of course, yoga is not the only way to feel good, but it is the one I have been practicing for years, drawing health, balance and energy from it. That’s why I decided that my next job would make it easier for everyone to access yoga… When my daughter Teresa was born I jumped at the chance, quit journalism and dedicated myself to pursuing this new goal.
After travelling a lot and attending yoga centers all over the world, from Shanghai to London, from Madrid to New York, I opened Yoga Roof in Lugano with my husband Enrique, in the hope of encouraging more and more people to practice this wonderful and enlightening discipline.

Pics: Alina Smit (www.alinasmit.com)