Sunday June 21st, INTERNATIONAL DAY OF YOGA and Summer Solstice, from 20.00 to 21.30 approximately, at the Cassarate river mouth
This event is public and free, offered by Yoga Roof in collaboration with the city of Lugano. At the Parco Ciani, on the new wooden deck at the Cassarate river mouth. The Surya Namaskars are going to be led by the teachers of Yoga Roof.
From 8pm until sunset we will create a collective ritual, diving in the sun salutation mantra and movement after movement we will connect deeply with our breath, moving inwards, letting the joy and the gratitude for the sun and the Summer emerge.
This practice will be lead gently, so all levels are welcome! In this wonderful setting we will see the sun go down and the moon rise on the last salutations…
IMPORTANT: This year to participate you must register on our website or on the MINDBODY app and respect the social distances between one mat and another. The event is 100% free!
Bring your own mat and heart to salute the beginning of this new season!
Mi butto, mi getto tra le braccia del vento con le mani ci faccio una vela e tutti i sensi… li sento
Più accesi più vivi, come se fosse un’antenna sul tetto che riceve segnali da un mondo perfetto.
Sento il mare dentro a una conchiglia… estate, l’eternità è un battito di ciglia.
Jovanotti – Estate Lyrics 
L’Assemblea Generale dell’Onu ha scelto il 21 giugno come Giornata Internazionale dello Yoga.