Starting March 12th, all Yoga Roof classes are ONLINE

Dear friends,

Ticino is in a ‘stato di necessità’ and the measures taken by the State Council include the closure of our firm, from Thursday 12 to 19 April 2020.

In full compliance with this decision, and in keeping with our yogic nature 😉 we have looked for a way to seize the current situation as an opportunity and propose to try new things.

Starting today, Yoga Roof classes are moving ONLINE!! We will keep our schedule virtually unchanged and ask you to sign up as usual. The fantastic Daisy, Sofia and Daniela will contact you by email and/or mobile explaining how to connect with us. All you need is a smartphone, a tablet or a computer. And some space for your mat.

This solution allows us to give our contribution to the slowdown of Corona Virus contagion. We believe that it is very important that we all do our best to ensure that the healthcare system is not put under further pressure. At the same time, in this way we are able to keep our service active, which we consider useful, especially in these times of anxiety and fear.

So don’t give up on caring for yourself: keep yourself healthy both emotionally and physically by following the lessons of your favorite Yoga Roof teachers.

Do not hesitate to contact us for clarifications and questions; from tomorrow we will also have details about the online transfer of the workshops already planned in the next weeks. We are at your disposal.

Your Yoga Roof Team