Among the many kinds of yoga, Hatha yoga is the big family of fiscal yoga (the yoga of positions), within which most of the newer and dynamic styles of yoga were developed.

Hatha Yoga augments your strength and flexibility, helps improve your breath capacity, improves your concentration and the management of stress. The goal of the practice is to support general wellness: physical mental and also spiritual. Classes notably start with a warm up, which is followed by the Asana (postures) part and are closed with some Pranayama (breathing control exercises), meditation and /or relaxation (Savasana).


Hatha Flow is a crossing between a Haha yoga class and one of Vinyasa Flow. Rooted in a deep respect for the ancient tradition of Yoga, this class coordinates breath with movement to attain the union of body, mind and spirito. A fluid practice, mildly dynamic, aiming at strengthening body, lengthening muscles, awakening the sense, opening the heart and expand the breath.

Level 1

In level 1 more explanations will be given on the basic asana and exercises. The class and the sequences will be fluid, relatively simple and accessible to all, also those who may be starting their journey on the yogic path.

Level 2

This class is designed for who wants to expand their knowledge and experiences to build a deeper and more solid asana practice. The flow will keep going while we will stop longer on some asanas to intensely work on alignment, energy flows and creative variations.


Vinyasa Flow, simile ad una danza dinamica, è una pratica dove le asanas (posizioni) si susseguono connesse una all’altra dal respiro. Le classi generano calore, flessibilità, forza e resistenza. La sequenza creativa trovata in una classe di vinyasa è costruita attorno ai surya namaskar (saluti al sole), spesso fluisce sulle note della musica e si conclude sempre con un rilassamento (Savasana).


Power Vinyasa yoga is a fluid and dynamic style of yoga that takes you from one position to the other on the rhythm of your breath. Accessible to all, whatever the leve and the physical preparation: these classes are declinable and to the degree of experience and the individual needs. This practice will take you to find strength, flexibility, balance and resilience both in the body and in the mind.


A dynamic and fluid style where, following the breath, you flow from one position to another. The first part of the class is very dynamic, the second one is more slow but intense. All the class is accompanied by music.


It’s a class designed for who wants to begin to learn the foundation of Yoga. The sun salutation, the warriors, the downward facing dog…all those positions (asana) will be explained in order to give you more confidence to experiment also the other classes.


Ashtanga is a dynamic and flowing yoga in which the asanas intertwine on the rhythm of the breath. The Primary Series is a sequence of positions that is learned by heart and repeated always in the same order. This method allows the body to know what’s coming next, so the mind can tune into a meditative state and the breath can grow longer and deeper.

In these classes the bases of the asanas and of the breath will not be taught. A preliminary introduction to yoga is recommended.


This type of Yoga is inspired by Raja yoga that is the “royal” path of yoga, the one that more than Hatha focuses on the cultivation of the mind, the contemplation, the breath and meditation. During this class the aim is to move in a more intimate rhythm, maybe truer than what we are used to. Starting with comfortable shapes (or asanas) that everybody can do we will explore as far as we probably wouldn’t have thought we would… to then come back again, maybe a little bit “changed”.


The subtitle of this class should be “Yoga for all those who are no longer twenty and are freed from performance anxiety”.

This Haha yoga is in fact dedicated for those who feel they need asanas adequate to their years. A light practice, a smoothe rhythm, visualization exercises and a lot of kindness.


In this class polarity is explored: active and passive, force and softness, urge and calm, feminine and masculine. Balance those opposed energies in life leads to more happiness and, on the mat, more flexiblility, not only physically. In the first part of the class are concentrated the active YANG asana; in the second part  the positions are hold for more time with more YIN and meditative asana. The practice reach differents layers of the body, not only the muscles, and work deep inside us, as a massage of our internal tissues.

The class is for all levels. Variation will be proposed if necessary.


This course is inspired by a gentle and inward approach. During the class we will try to rediscover a different and non conflicting way of being with ourselves.

It is said that the practice of yoga helps to unite the mind to the heart: this metaphor is the starting point for this lesson.

Classes are based on the traditional approach and they derive the philosophical and spiritual source from Patanjali’s teachings, as well as from the beautiful and deep texts of Kashmir shivaism. 45 minutes of Hatha yoga to prepare the body, followed by 30 minutes of meditation to relax the mind. Combined in one class open to all.


Yoga Nidra is an ancient practice that is growing as a form of meditation and as a body-mind therapy.

It consists in a process of guided relaxation that usually lasts between 35 and 40 minutes.

This practice gives immediate benefits: from stress reduction of a better sleep quality, to quote a few. Among other things, it can also help heal from psychological wounds. As a meditation practice it develops joy and deep wellness.


according to Yogi Bhajan teaching.

Kundalini Yoga is also called Yoga of the Awareness.

It is a holistic discipline, dynamic and powerful. It is born to make us feel the infinity of our soul. It’s a set of techniques suitable for everyone and it is one of the fastest disciplines to help us establish a balanced relationship with our body, soul and mind and to truly know our own identity.

It combines breathing, focusing, muscular contraction, mudras, mandrels, music and asana (postures) exercises. In this way it balance the glandular and the nervous system, strength the will, expand the lungs capacity and purify the body. It helps also to increase our consciousness regarding the meaning of life and to the impact of your habits on personal and global health.

The Kundalini Yoga techniques have been kept secret until 1969 when Yogi Bhajan started to bring to the West his teachings.