Saturday March 24th, from 18.00 to 19.30, with Silvia Paonessa & Niccolò Bonavita. Yoga Masterclass with live music at GODSPEED, in collaboration with the cultural circle Turba! 

We’ll move bikes and tables to make room for your mats for this special event: an exceptional yoga teacher (Silvia Paonessa) and a polyhedral musician with a passion for Jazz Contrabass (Niccolò Bonavita). The frame for this event with live music will be the urban and industrial space of GODSPEED. We’ll end just on time for the aperitif… a special Saturday evening that can continue, for those who want, at Circolo Culturale Turba with dinner, the mute movie “Strike”, by the great Eisenstein, soundtracked live by dj Shin.

What is Yoga Beat? With the vibration of the music, Silvia and Niccolò, will show you the bond between music and movement, internal and external rhythm. The Contrabass will create the rhythm on which the practice will flow. It will provide a support with all its expressions.

Yoga Beat® is a teaching method that contains multiple yogic techniques, inserting the discipline inside a rhythm. A unique experience, that include the harmony of yoga, the rhythmicity of the breath and intensity of movement. Yoga Beat® is for everyone, it doesn’t need any knowledge about Yoga and focusing on rhtym, breath, coodination and dynamism, it make the practice more stimilating and complete also for the most experienced student.

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Price: 40 CHF (for Turba members 30 CHF)

Silvia Paonessa studies dance from an early age. She continues her studies on movements in Theaters, works in television, cinemas and Opera theathers. During her theatrical and muscial path she approaches yoga.She becomes a yoga teacher with 200 and 500 hours in Hatha and Ashtanga. She teaches in vairous center and gyms in italy and abroad.






Niccolò Bonavita. Bon in Milan in 1984, he plays Contrabass and he’s composer and producer. He graduates in Contrabass in the Scuola Civica of Jazz of Milan. His main project is “Bolla Trio” a jazz band also open to other rhythms thanks to various collaborations (with Giulietta, Mr. T-Bone, Wena, Rayna, Sista Awa and others). The first disc of Bolla trio, “So Fat”, was released in march 2016. The band is working now on the second album. In parallel he works with various artists playing in Europe, Japan and in radio and television programs (Entics, The Sweet Life Society, Vallanzaska, Ruggero de I Timidi, Gigi D’Errico and others).