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Yoga and Shiatsu for two

Saturday May 10th, from 16.00 to 19.00. Workshop with Prue Klausener in English. Price: 50.- chf per person.

An opportunity for you and your friend/partner/colleague or relative to discover and work together on a deeper level and learn new ways to communicate, heal, create and grow. This workshop in Partner Yoga and Shiatsu will help you develop a practice that you can share with your loved ones. Spread the joy of giving, receiving and experiencing shiatsu and yoga!

Through a series of contact asanas (yoga asanas for two) and methods of shiatsu massage, which has its origins in Japanese acupressure, you will learn fun new ways to practice Yoga together. You will then be able to give each other a therapeutic and relaxing shiatsu treatment at home, outdoors  or wherever your adventures together take you.

You can come with a partner or by yourself and we’ll match you up here. If the class is uneven, one of you will be Prue’s lucky guinea pig!

Shiatsu -which literally means finger pressure- has developed in Japan over the past century. Its philosophy derives from the Ancient Chinese medicine Meridian therapy which works with the body’s meridian lines (energetic passages or channels) to stimulate and unblock Qi (energy) in the body. Through finger or palm pressure and stretches, the meridian lines are stimulated to create a balanced flow of qi and blood with results ranging from relaxation, reduced stress, greater flexibility and clarity of mind.