The Founders of Yoga Roof:

Mara Bertelli

Mara was a correspondent in Washington D.C. for the Swiss Italian Radio and Television and wrote a report about a conference of heads of state. The declarations of intent were always the same: good intentions and promises that after a few days, would have been forgotten and then overtaken by new statements.  During this time she experienced an epiphany: If everyone did a little yoga, then things would improve!  As absurd as the thought seemed to her, she could not get it out of her head: the idea if each of us could be more at peace with themselves, more healthy both physically and mentally, they would certainly be a better human being, more polite and respectful of others, and slowly, the whole society would be infected. Of course, yoga is not the only way to feel good, but that’s what she has practiced for years, drawing from health, balance and energy.

After traveling a lot and attending yoga centers around the globe, from Shanghai to London from Madrid to New York, Mara, together with her husband Enrique, she opened Yoga Roof in Lugano hoping to entice more people to this wonderful and enlightening practice.


Enrique Sanz

Enrique grew up between the Andes and the Alps and after his studies in Communication Sciences, he worked as a webmaster, translator and auditor.  He walked 500 km of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, and swam across the lake of Lugano often, and he is always trying to be a part time Buddha.

At Yoga Roof he is responsible for the Facility Management, Communications and Marketing, and Logistics (Sherpa).