313079_10150447721960961_1671766990_nPRUE KLAUSENER: SHIATSU THERAPIST
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My journey as a therapist and teacher began in a Yoga class in my hometown of Warrnambool, Australia almost 15 years ago. It has taken me to many corners of the world with trainings, workshops, soul-searching adventures and courageous steps into the unknown. What I offer to my clients is my interpretations of knowledge passed down to me by my incredible teachers in Vinyassa Yoga , Zen Buddhism, Traditional Chinese medicine, eastern nutrition and Japanese Shiatsu therapy.

My work is a combination of this knowledge flavored with my own individuality. I believe strongly in the benefits of a regular yoga and meditation practice and living in accordance with nature both in lifestyle and eating habits. This is what I teach and this is what I practice as a continuous and life long student. Alongside this I hold a fully accredited Diploma in Shiatsu and Oriental therapies and 300hr YTC(inc. pre/post natal) obtained from the Australian Shiatsu college, Australia, Tulisidalam School of Yoga Pada, India and Transformational Hatha Yoga, Greece.

My intention whether I’m teaching a Yoga class or giving a Shiatsu treatment is to provide my clients with an experience that will leave them feeling them happy, open, a little more self-knowledgeable and grounded. Then they are ready for whatever life presents.

Shiatsu (acu-pressure)

Shiatsu, which literally translates to ‘finger pressure’, is a holistic bodywork therapy that originates from Japan and has its foundations in Chinese medicine and the five-element theory. Using a combination of techniques which include application of pressure on acu-points and meridian lines, meridian-stretches and the integration of Moxibustion, Shiatsu works to re-balance the entire system – mind, body and spirit.

Shiatsu treatments can provide the following:
– Relief from Stress and anxiety
– Improvement of Neck /back/shoulder pain
– Ease of discomfort during pregnancy/labour/post natal period
– Improved flexibility
– Strengthened immunity and general health

Prue’s unique treatments combine her expertise in Shiatsu and Oriental therapies and Yoga to provide her clients with an experience that is holistic and grounding. In a treatment you can expect both Zen (palm) and barefoot shiatsu, hand, foot, neck and head pressure point massage, acu-point therapy, gentle restorative yoga asana and guided pranayama (breathing exercises).

One 75 minute session with Prue is 100.- chf.