Teacher Training: Posti esauriti!

Se siete interessati al programma del Teacher Training, contattate per favore Yoga Roof per iscrivervi ad una lista d’attesa o al corso del prossimo anno.

Durante questo corso cercheremo di accompagnarvi sul cammino dello yoga per approfondire la vostra pratica individuale. Il nostro obiettivo è quello di aiutarvi a trovare la vostra propria espressione creativa e mostrarvi come condividerla con gli altri. Attraverso lo studio delle asana, dell’allineamento, della sequenza, degli aggiustamenti, delle scritture, della filosofia, della gestione e molto altro ancora, gli insegnanti di Yoga Roof  vi offrono una formazione che eccede gli standard raccomandati per le qualificazioni di primo livello. Siamo dediti a creare uno spazio per l’apprendimento che promuova la fiducia e vi dia la forza di trovare la vostra propria voce d’insegnante. Che vogliate insegnare o solo approfondire ciò che sapete di questa meravigliosa e antica arte, questo corso vi offrirà un ambiente sicuro, divertente e compassionevole in cui imparare, crescere e approfondire la vostra comprensione dello yoga. Il corso sarà tenuto in inglese. Se dovessero esserci abbastanza interessati per questo corso in italiano, potremmo valutare la possibilità di offrire una traduzione. Scriveteci (info@yogaroof.ch) o chiamateci (+41 91 224 81 34) per segnalarci il vostro interesse.

In this training we will guide you deeper into your individual practice and into the lifelong path of yoga. Our objective is to help you find your own creative expression and to show you how to share it with others. Through the study of asanas, alignment, sequencing, adjustments, scriptures, philosophy, management and much more, the YogaRoof Faculty is committed to offering a training that far exceeds the standard recommendations for first level qualifications. We are dedicated to creating a learning space that promotes confidence and empowers you to find your own teaching voice. Whether you want to teach or just deepen your knowledge of this beautiful ancient art, this training will offer a safe, fun and compassionate environment where you can learn, grow and deepen your understanding of yoga.

Course Overview: This training is RYT 200 hours approved. It is the standard, first level yoga certification training. Those wishing to continue as teachers are expected to continue their studies independently and through continued trainings. The course will be held over a 6 month period: during 4 weekends and one intensive immersion of 9 days.


  • 1st weekend: May 2-4 2014
  • 2nd weekend: May 30-Jun 1 2014
  • Intensive: July 19-27 2014
  • 3rd weekend: Sept 5-7 2014
  • 4th weekend: Oct 3-5 2014

Times: Weekends: Fri  18.00-21.00,  Sat and Sun 9.00-12.30/13.30-19.30 Intensive: 9.00-12.30/ 13.30 – 19.00 Hours are subject to slight modifications

Location: Unless otherwise announced, all classes will take place at Yoga Roof, downtown studio: Via Canova 18, 6900 Lugano, Switzerland.

The course will give you:

  • an embodied knowledge that will be with you forever
  • self-confidence -guidance in designing 4-8 week beginner courses as well as teaching to mixed-level/drop-in classes and special groups such as pregnant, elderly and kids
  • a professional and ethical framework from which to practice and teach
  • an awareness of issues that can arise for you as a teacher and how to handle them
  • practical advise on how to create a source of income in teaching yoga
  • how anatomy & physiology apply practically in asana
  • the tools to develop  your own practice
  • how the yoga philosophy can be integrated into your own daily life
  • how to create a safe and inspirational setting

Course Content:

  • personal practice: understanding it in your body will give you the best foundation for teaching it to others -alignment and form -practical knowledge of how to teach the muscles to move the bones into proper alignment
  • de-construction of key level 1 & 2 poses and how to teach them
  • common postural modifications for a safe practice and to prevent injury
  • how to make verbal adjustments and safe, sensitive manual adjustments of Level 1 & 2 poses
  • pranayama, breath and anatomy of breath and how to teach pranayama
  • practical anatomy & physiology
  • meditation techniques and the art of teaching them
  • the history of yoga
  • foundation in the main yoga philosophies: Tantra, Vedanta and Classical
  • study of key texts: Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Gita
  • teaching skills: languaging and voice, methodology, practicum, giving clear demonstrations, class planning, the art of sequencing, the art of inspiring a class, class theming, assisting and visual skills
  • business of yoga
  • Kirtan
  • basic Sanskrit
  • ethics
  • level 1 therapeutics and contraindications
  • how to teach restorative and to special groups: kids, elderly, pregnant
  • introduction to Ayurveda and the Bhandas
  • the Subtle, Energetic Body

creating a home practice

Assessment/Graduation: All required assignments and full attendance must be completed in order to receive diploma. You will receive 200 hour Yoga Teacher certification from YogaRoof & Kelly Griswold. This qualifies you for the USA and International Yoga Alliance RYT-200 Vinyasa. Each trainee will be assessed individually for graduation. In some cases, additional hours may be required in order to receive certification.

Requirements: All applicants must have at least one year of regular yoga practice in order to be accepted for the training. All class requirements must be met. Readings assignments (click here for a full list of texts and the dates they should be read by). Homework and tests will be given during the course of the training. They are designed to help you understand strengths and weakness more thoroughly and must be completed prior to certification.

Additional requirements:

  • 6 hours observation (of 4 classes formerly approved of) –
  • 3 hours assisting (2 classes formerly approved of) –
  • 1 class taught by the trainee and observed by the teacher


Cost: Early Bird Special: 3200.- fr (before Jan 31 2014) Normal fee: 3500.- fr
On the acceptance of application, 500.- fr must be payed as a deposit to be formally enrolled in the Teacher Training. The balance must be payed 1 month before the beginning of the training.
Includes all tuition, mentoring, course manual, mala beads.

Additional Costs: Books totaling approximately 120.- fr (click here for required reading list, discounted 10% from www.yogatree.ch)

Benefits: During the Teacher Training, the trainees will benefit of a discounted 6 Regular Yogi class pass at Yoga Roof (600.- fr). Following the Training, the graduates will benefit of a discounted 12 months Regular Yogi class pass at Yoga Roof (1000.- fr).

Find Refund Policy and Application Process on the Application Form: Download Application Form