Hot Yoga Detox

Sunday April 29th, from 10 am to 12 pm, workshop with Kat Walser, Yoga Roof Lugano Sud.

After the success of the last Hot Yoga Detox we decided to give you more: two Hot Yoga Detox per month!

Ignite your inner heart fire for spring in this “hot” detox vinyasa flow workshop guided by Kat Walser. We will build inner heat (agni) while the new Yoga Roof infrared heaters bring up the temperature, allowing our body’s natural detoxification systems to work at optimal levels. Shed deep-rooted “ama” from the long winter, and let your inner agni purify body and mind. Emerge with an open heart and mind, just in time for spring. Followed by a cooling and rejuvenating yoga nidra practice.

Price: 39 CHF

Reservation for workshops are binding. If for any reason you should not be able to attend a workshop you are signed up for, we kindly ask you to cancel your reservation with at least 24 hour notice. Should this not be the case, the class will be billed.

Next appointments:

Sunday May 13th,10 am-12 pm,  Lugano South

Sunday May 27th,10 am-12 pm, Lugano South