Soulful Vinyasa Sequencing

Domenica 25 marzo, dalle 10.00 alle 12.30, con Kat Walser, Lugano Sud. In inglese

In this workshop for teachers, teachers-in-training, and advanced yogis looking to elevate their home vinyasa practice, we will explore ways of teaching a dynamic vinyasa class without losing the soul of the practice. We will discuss how to seamlessly integrate yogic principles and practices, including sankalpa, pranayama, and meditation, into vinyasa classes without losing the sense of flow. Students will work on building their own soulful vinyasa sequence with feedback, as well as receive a hard copy of a sample soulful vinyasa class. Included in the workshop will be a soulful vinyasa flow practice, integrating what we’ve learned.

Prezzo: 49 CHF

Le prenotazioni per i workshop sono vincolanti. Se per qualsiasi ragione non vi fosse possibile partecipare ad un workshop a cui siete iscritti, vi chiediamo di cancellare la prenotazione almeno 24 ore prima. In caso contrario il workshop vi sarà fatturato per intero.