messakti spiaggiaEvery moment offers the possibility to be present, centered within the self. Join us as we travel to the idyllic island of Ikaria where, surrounded by sea and sun, we will focus on the joy of movement to explore the circles of life. Through the dynamic practice of asana, the contemplative practice of meditation, and the integrative practice of pranayama, we will revitalize the body, relax the mind, and connect to the heart. Our journey toward cultivating balanced energy within draws inspiration from the knowledge of the ancient yogis, mythology, and modern views on both. Such an expanded perspective encourages fresh eyes and invites us to come full circle, returning to the center of our self.  

We chose Ikaria for many reasons, the first of them being it’s stunning beauty! The sea and the beaches of the island are rated among the most beautiful of Greece. But being a yoga retreat location you can be sure that it’s not only pretty on the outside: lined with ancient walks, thermal water sources, streams, forests, traditional villages, monasteries and archeological sites… Ikaria is a gem also on the inside!

Ikaria is just an island-hop away from the touristy and noisy crowds, yet it is easily reached during the season: via direct flights from Athens or ferries from Mykonos. The destination is worth the journey: ridiculously affordable accommodation rates, for a hotel in a breathtaking location. We will be staying in this very simple (no air-con / no TV) yet very elegant village, with studios and maisonnette, providing the perfect size lodge for your party’s needs. You can come with your family, friends, partner, kids… everybody is welcome as long as somebody is doing yoga!

It is a holiday though: we will offer you a lot, but you’ll be free to take whatever you feel like. You can organize your stay to be totally lazy and relaxing, or you can immerse in a stimulating yogic journey, starting at dawn with a beach meditation, if you wish.

The first daily yoga practice will be around 8.30 and will finish in time for breakfast. The second one will be around sunset. In between the time is yours and you can use it as you wish.

When you arrive, you will be welcome by drinks and a little welcome gift; a reading that will be used throughout the week.

During the week we will offer 2 excursions:

1) a daylong sailing excursion to reach the wild and breathtaking beaches and, if lucky, to see the seals and the dolphins

2) a daylong land excursion to visit the wonderful thermal natural waters on the island, the archeological remains, little traditional villages and monasteries…

These will be totally optional and therefore are not included in the price of the retreat, but please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested, so we can organize them better.

The yoga holiday will begin on the evening of the 28th of July with a welcome drink and an introduction from your teachers, but the first practice will be on the morning of Monday the 29th of July.

The last practice of the retreat will be on the evening of the 3rd of August and our holiday on Ikaria will be sealed with a fantastic group dinner in a traditional “taverna”, tasting local wine and food.