Regular classes at Yoga Roof are DROP IN.
Yoga Roof has the BIGGEST CLASS OFFER and the LOWEST PRICES (down to 10.- chf per class)!
Check out our page about Health Insurance to see who refunds more yoga and Pilates. Check our our page about Special Offers to see the deals of the season.

Signing up is always warmly recommended.


  • Two classes: 30.- chf
  • One month: 129.- chf (maximum 10 classes)

These offers are EITHER OR and are only valid for new clients.
Welcome offers can’t be suspended or extended. The expiration date is final.


Membership Normal Prices Students/AVS
1 month  180 chf 170 chf
months 490 chf 450 chf
months 860 chf 780 chf
12 months  1560 chf

1399 chf

The membership will end at the expiration of the time. Memberships are personal and non transferable. Memberships are valid at either of our two locations and  include the Pilates Wall classes. They don’t include special classes, workshops and events. You can cancel a reservation up to two hours before the class. Later than this, the class will be counted as done.


Classes Expiration Normal Prices normali Lugano Card / City Card (10%) Students/AVS
1 class 28 chf 23 chf
10 classes 6 months 250 chf (= 25 per class) 225 chf (= 22,5 per class) 199 chf (=19.90 per class)
20 classes 12 months 460 chf (=23 per class) 414 chf (= 20,7 per class) 379 chf (= 18.90 per class)

These class passes give you access to all regular classes, including Pilates Wall classes, in either of our two locations (over 50 classes per week). Special classes, workshops and events are not included.

Signing up for classes is highly recommended. You can cancel a reservation up to two hours before the class. Later than this, the class will be counted as done

Water, tea, crackers and cookies are always offered to everybody!


Class passes and memberships have a set expiration date. Passes and memberships can be used only during the valid period. There will be no refund for passes or memberships expired and/or not exploited. 

Lost classes: if for any reason, you should not be able to come to a class you have reserved, you should cancel the reservation with at least 2 hours of notice. 2 hours before the beginning of the class our online system will not allow reservation cancellations and the class will therefore be considered as attended. 

Passes and memberships are personal and non transferable. They can be suspended in case of illness, accident or maternity. Suspensions should be required in writing at In case of illness or accident please send us a copy of a medical certificate. 

For holidays or work related issues, memberships can be suspended only once and for a set amount of time (see below). These suspensions should required in writing at

    • 3 month memberships can be suspended for maximum one week 
    • 6 month memberships can be suspended for maximum two weeks. Suspensions can’t be less than one week.
  • 12 month memberships can be suspended for maximum four weeks. Suspensions can’t be less than one week.

Yoga Roof: Yoga Roof closes one week during the Winter holidays. If your pass or membership overlaps one of our holidays, you can ask us to extend it for the time we have been closed. 

Private classes: appointments for private lessons are binding. Should you not be able to attend, you should cancel the class with at least a 24 hour notice. Should this not be the case, the class will be billed entirely. 

For more information regarding our private classes, please visit our page.

Workshops: reservation for workshops are binding. If for any reason you should not be able to attend a workshop you are signed up for, we kindly ask you to cancel your reservation with at least 24 hour notice. Should this not be the case, the class will be billed. 

Program changes: modifications can be made to the regular program of classes of Yoga Roof (hours, teachers, etc.) at any time. These changes will be signaled on our online schedule. Single clients will not be informed otherwise. There will be no refund.

Gift vouchers: you can buy gift vouchers by coming to one of our studios,  through our website, or by calling us and wiring the amount to Yoga Roof’s account CCP (IBAN: CH58 0900 0000 6571 3142 2). We can also send you a postcard-format voucher through snail mail, but we will charge 5.- chf for the service.

Mat rental: mat rental costs 2.- chf. We clean each mat between users. We encourage you to bring your own mat or to buy one at our desk or through our online shop. Ask for help at the desk. 

Members with a 6 or 12 month membership can leave their mat for free at Yoga Roof Downtown. If you are not a member you can still rent a deposit slot for you mat for 50.- chf a year. At Yoga Roof Lugano South it is not possible to leave the mat.