The trip to Ikaria is not included in the price of the Holiday and we recommend you book your flights as soon as possible. The season is high and so are the prices of tickets!

There are several ways of getting on the island. Here are some ideas:

1) fly Milano – Athens (plenty of daily and cheap-ish flights) and then fly Athens to Ikaria (Olympic Air) or take a ferry from Athens to Ikaria. The last option implies a long ferry trip (between 7.5 and 9 hours), but it’s ideal for those who like being on a boat, who are not in a hurry or who can extend the holiday for a little island hopping!

2) fly Milan – Mykonos ( has 2 daily flights) and then take a ferry from Mykonos to Ikaria (Evdilos port). The best way to book your ferry is with Filippis Tours (, they speak good English too). The route you will be looking for si Mykonos – Edvilos (the name of the port town on Ikaria, 5 minutes away from where we will be staying).

Bring your own mat.