“The important is not what are you doing, but how you do it” (J.H. Pilates).

Pilates is a wonderful way to gain strength and resilience in the context of fluid and mindful movement. Pilates is known to help tone abs, arms and thighs. This work will be done and we will use props like foam rollers and fitness circles to keep the workouts fun and playful. Pilates has always been popular with dancers and athletes because it teaches us to move more efficiently, to modify movements when we are injured and to use our minds and bodies to become more balanced and healthy. The breathing techniques in Pilates help to alleviate stress, foster relaxation and attain a state of presence. This teaching can benefit any body and all are welcome. The classes will focus on exploring movements that enhance core stability, control and body awareness. We will work on relieving tension in the neck and shoulders, increasing the body’s elasticity and challenging ourselves to create new strengths and balance.