“Movement is life. If you improve the movement quality  you improve the life”  ( M. Feldenkrais). I study movement and posture for a long time now. I discovered soon I have a big passion for teaching about body movement. My goal is help people to move in a harmonious way and to draw form movement the benefit of a correct posture.

I began sto study classical dance when I was 6 and I become a teacher at RAD (Royal Academy of Dancing, London). I taught dance for many year, with a great attention about anatomy that has always been the foundation of my studies. Know how your body works permits you to perform in a correct, free and flowing form.

I began to study Pilates on myself during my year as dance teacher. I discover its incredible advantage and I decided to become a teacher to give to others what Pilates gave me. I graduated in 1999 at the school of Annamaria Cova.

During the years I had the opportunity to work with various artist of international fame (Alan Herdman, Elisabeth Larkam, Claudia Fink, Serafino Ambrosio, Julian Littleford) and I’ve integrated my PIlates studies with anatomy courses, functional rehabilitatio, posturology(Bernard Bricot), Myofascial Meridians(Anatomy Trains – Thomas Myers), Reflexology (Zu School). Moreover I attented the courses of “body Rolling” by Yamuna; “Conditioning for dance” with Eric Franklin. I graduated in “Yogilates” with Jonathan Urla and I’ve been one of the first Italian teacher to get certified with Jonathan Hoffman, CoreAlign teacher.

I collaborate for some year now eith MAB (International dance competition) as a teacher on applied anatomy.

During those wonderful years I became more aware that everyone of us has valuable resources that help us to find the right balance to have a healthy and happy body.