Inversions with Hammock

Sunday April 28th, from 10.00 am to 12.00 am, with Kat Walser, Yoga Roof Lugano South.

Take your inversion practice to the next level!

In this 2-hour Inversion Workshop, we will explore handstand, pincha mayurasana (forearm stand), and full wheel (urdva danurasana) on both the mat and with the support of the hammock.

When juxtaposing inversion mat work with aerial inversions, a new body intelligence is activated, elevating your inversion practice. The workshop will begin with pranayama and a well-rounded vinyasa to prepare for our inversion practice.

Price: 39 CHF

Reservation for workshops are binding. If for any reason you should not be able to attend a workshop you are signed up for, we kindly ask you to cancel your reservation with at least 24 hour notice. Should this not be the case, the class will be billed.