Yin Yoga Training

Intensive course, April 20-22. With Egon Castlunger, at Yoga Roof Lugano South. 

After visiting us for the last  Teacher Training, Egon Castlunger comes back!

Friday April 20th, 18.30-20.00 Yin Masterclass; 20.00-21.00 Kirtan
Price Masterclass and Kirtan: 45.-
Solo Kirtan 15.-
Saturday & Sunday April 21th & 22th  9.30-12.30 / 13.30-16.30 Yin Intensive: For teachers and practitioners

As Yin Yoga becomes more and more popular in the Yoga world, it is important that new Yoga teachers have a clear idea about it. What is it? where does it come from? Whats the purpose? How and when to practice? Which are the Contraindications,? The Relation/Positioning of Yin Yoga in regards to the other Styles of Yoga.

YIN Yoga is a simple thou advanced Style of Yoga, which originates from the ancient Taoist traditions and focuses on passive, seated long held postures that target mainly the connective tissues as well as the deep Meridians. 

Beside the physical benefits on different levels, we target as well the deep

Meridians and we develop self awareness, mindfulness and patience.

Price: 280.-
Early Bird (until March 20th) : 260.-
ALL weekend (Masterclass & Kirtan included): 320.-
Early Bird (until March 20th): 290.-
ALL weekend plus two meals at Godspeed: 350.-
Early Bird(until March 20th): 320.-


Egon Castlunger: I grew up in a small South Tyrolean village in the Dolomite Alps (Northern Italy). Early on, I set out to explore nature and spent most of my youth in the mountains. A sporting injury led me to a holistic healing physician in Australia. It was this chance meeting that awoke my attention to the inner and spiritual worlds. After extensive travels through South America, India and Nepal, I decided to leave my family’s business in Italy and pursue my passion for healing and eastern philosophies. I committed to a 4-year education in Germany and became a certified Zen Shiatsu therapist and naturopath. It was at this time that I started practicing yoga on a regular basis. The practice of Yoga has accompained me since the beginning of this journey. Along my yogic path, I have been inspired by Vinyasa,Anusara Yoga, Yin Yoga, Pranayama, Devotional Chanting and Bhakti Yoga – all of which continue to play an important role in my life and teaching. Bringing my great loves together, I now organize and lead retreats which combine yoga, music and outdoor experiences.  My passion for music, especially the guitar, is reflected and incorporated into my classes, workshops and retreats.


– E.S.I. – European Shiatsu Institute – 1998-2003 (Munich-Milan)
– Heilpraktiker-Institute “Lotz” – 1998-2002 (Munich)
– ZenShiatsu deepening workshops with Cliff Andrews (London), P.Stefanini (Milan)
– Craniosacral therapy – Heilpraktiker-Insitute “Lotz” – Münich
– Yoga extended studies in India (Isha Yoga/Sivananda)
– Yoga Intensive TTC training – (Yogalife – NewDehli/Goa-India)
– Anusara Yoga Immersion trainings I/II/III with K. Ananda
– Yin Yoga trainings with Paul Grilley 
– Thailand 2012/2013 RYT 200

– Pranayama and Hatha advanced Trainings with Stephen Thomas
– Personal development/Meditation retreats with Paul Lowe (Australia)
– ASAM-hiking & Snowshoeing guide in Switzerland
– Yin Yoga training with Paul & Suzee Grilley – Mexico 2015 RYT 300

– Transpersonal Psychology & Holotropic Breath with Stanislav Grof. – Spain 2015

Spiritual teachers who inspired me on my journey: Jiddu KrishnamurtiEckhart Tolle, Paul Lowe, Gangaji, Byron Katie

Presently I live in Zürich, Switzerland.