Giovedì 14 febbraio, San Valentino!, dalle 18.30 alle 20.30,  con Aimee a Yoga Roof Lugano Sud. In Inglese. 
Vieni con la tua dolce metà il giorno di San Valentino per un workshop romantico di Yoga in coppia e massaggio Thai. Il corso inizerà con 40 minuti di Yoga in coppia dove imparerete a fare insieme una pratica di yoga ristorativo, lavorando tra di voi per rendere più profondi gli allungamenti, mantenere l’allineamento e sentirsi più supportati durante le posizioni. Questa pratica sarà seguita da due sessioni di 40 minuti di rilassante massaggio Thai di base (così ogni persona avrà l’opportunità di dare e ricevere il massaggio).
 In the Thai Massage portion of the workshop, you will learn how to give gentle stretches, working with the breath. You will also learn some easy, grounding acupressure techniques. Don’t think of this as the rather stereotypical intense Thai massage. Think of it as more of a Thai Savasana.

Please wear long pants (leggings or sweatpants are fine) and t-shirts/long-sleeve shirts. And since jewelry can make it difficult to give/receive a massage, it’s suggested to remove all jewelry before the workshop.

Prezzo: 60 CHF (30 a persona)

Le prenotazioni per i workshop sono vincolanti. Se per qualsiasi ragione non vi fosse possibile partecipare ad un workshop a cui siete iscritti, vi chiediamo di cancellare la prenotazione almeno 24 ore prima. In caso contrario il workshop vi sarà fatturato per intero.

Aimee Bouget In 2011, I completed my 200 hour training in Vinyasa Yoga through Frog Lotus Yoga. Since then, I’ve spent the majority of the last seven years traveling, sharing yoga from retreats in Guatemala to hostels in Mexico to villas in Croatia. In between trips, I’ve also led Power Yoga classes at universities and trauma informed yoga classes for homeless teenagers in Colorado. Teaching around the world and to so many different demographics has shown me that yoga is available to anyone and everyone. And that’s what I love so much about it. No matter where you are, yoga will meet you exactly where you’re at. As someone with a background in theatre, dance, and gymnastics, I was captured by the idea that there’s no “performance” element in yoga. There’s no “perfect” pose. There’s just learning to listen to your body, as it is. Learning to accept your body, as it is. Learning to love your body, as it is. And learning to understand the ways in which you can compassionately encourage your body to grow. I love Vinyasa Yoga because it helps me discover ease and joy while flowing through challenging postures. I love Yin Yoga because it teaches me to relax around my tension, to release, to keep breathing and allowing my body to open even when I really, really want to quit. I love Acro Yoga because it shows me a playful, trusting, adventurous side of myself that I never want to lose. During all of my classes, regardless of the style, I hope to create a safe space. A space wherein people feel supported in unconditionally accepting themselves as they are, and then curiously and compassionately exploring their edges and finding growth.