Il Teacher Training 200 ore di Yoga Roof, riconosciuto da International Yoga Alliance, è tenuto in inglese.
Una buona parte dei testi di riferimento sono reperibili anche in italiano. Ai partecipanti che preferissero esprimersi in italiano è data la possibilità di essere seguiti dagli insegnanti che parlano italiano. La maggior parte del corpo insegnanti parla anche italiano. Detto ciò, è comunque necessaria una buona conoscenza dell’inglese per poter partecipare al corso insegnanti.


Dive into the depth of yoga with this Yoga Alliance certified 200 hours Teacher Training. It will be the first step into a lifelong path of self practice and shared happiness. 

Through the study of asanas, alignment, meditation, pranayama, adjustments, scriptures, philosophy, management and much more, the YogaRoof Faculty is committed to offering a training that far exceeds the standard recommendations for first level qualifications.

Whether you want to teach or just deepen your knowledge of this beautiful ancient art, this training will offer a safe, joyful and compassionate environment where you can learn, grow and deepen your understanding of yoga.

Course Overview:
This training corresponds to the standard RYT 200 hours first level yoga certification training. Those wishing to continue as teachers are expected to pursue their studies independently and through ongoing trainings. The course will be held over a 7 month period.

httt-10Part One: Understanding Yoga
The first part will give you a wider and more complete overview of yoga. You will try on yourself how the correct alignment of asana should feel, what practicing pranayama does to you, what meditation is, why we should learn basic anatomy, how yoga is contextualized in respect to history and philosophy and what it means to bring yoga with you off the mat and into the world.

These two preliminary weekends are open to all and will give you an idea of the kind of teacher training you are about to embark into.

httt-50Part Two: Living Yoga
In this second part of the path, you will become a yogi/yogini: you will deepen and try on your own skin what it means to have an individual practice of yoga and meditation.

You will perfection the practice of hatha yoga, acquiring a deep knowledge of alignments and of asanas, of their shapes, benefits and contraindications.  You will integrate a regular practice of yoga and meditation in your daily life and learn how to keep it in time. You will analize Patañjali’s Yoga Sutra and appreciate its philosophical implication in contemporary western reality. You will understand the systems of the human body (the physical and the energetic one) and how they work together. Chakras, mudras, ayurveda, kirtan, sanskrit and much more.

During this time, students that prefer to express themself in Italian will have the possibility to be assisted by an Italian speaking “tutor”.

IMG_2852Part Three: Teaching Yoga
In this third part of the journey you will learn how to teach a basic yoga class. The focus here is on others, making sure they are safe and well guided in your classes.

We will create a safe and constructive environment, where you can practice teaching with your own peers: here you will have the unique opportunity to benefit from honest and caring feedback, until you find confidence in your ability to teach.

Here you will become able to verbally guide a class, recognizing the specificity of those in front of you, adapting the level and the length, modifying the asanas for special cases and inspiring your students -with your example- to follow in the path of yoga.

What is the role of the teacher, what are his responsibilities and where do they end?  Beyond the class and the mat, a yoga teacher goes on being a yoga teacher and what does that imply?

Yoga Roof’s outstanding faculty will provide a multifaceted array of knowledge and experience to help each student understand their strength and find their voice.

Course Dates & Times (2015):

Part One:
April 18-19
April 25-26

Part Two:
May 9-10
May 30-31
June 13-14
July 4-5
July 25-26

Part Three:
August 10-16 (Intensive week)
September 12-13
October 10-11

Days will start at 8.00 am and end at 6.00 pm, with one hour lunch break.


Kelly Griswold: Hatha yoga, Lead Trainer
Ursula Lotti: Meditation, Pranayama
Gianluca Lotti: History & Philosophy
Matteo Bernasconi: Anatomy
Courtenay Mastain: Yoga Off the Mat


Part One: OPEN TO ALL.

Part Two: students must have completed Part One of Yoga Roof’s Teacher Training. They are also required to have practiced yoga consistently for at least one year and have had some experience of meditation (Meditation Intensive, with Ursula and Gianluca Lotti, on March 8th 2015 is highly recommended if a meditation experience is lacking).  Application must be submitted.

Part Three: students who have successfully completed Part One and Two, and who have been approved by Yoga Roof’s faculty to continue on the path of teaching, can attend Part Three.

Once your application will be approved, you will receive a list of reading requirements.

Meanwhile, you can start by reading Mark Stephens’ “Teaching Yoga”.

All required assignments and full attendance must be completed in order to receive diploma. You will receive 200 hour Yoga Teacher certification from YogaRoof. This qualifies you for the USA and International Yoga Alliance RYT-200 Vinyasa. Each trainee will be assessed individually for graduation.


Part One: 500.- chf
Part Two: 1700.- chf
Part Three: 1700.- chf

Entire Teacher Training, payed upfront: 3500.- chf

Due to the high number of requests, once the application is accepted, we will assign spots based on the order of reception of full payment of the desired part.

Payments can be accepted at all Yoga Roof’s desks (Centro e Lugano Sud) in cash, credit card, Maestro and Postcard.
Payments can also be wired to Yoga Roof’s Post account: 65-713142-2  (IBAN: CH58 0900 0000 65713142 2).


ATTENTION: due to the change in currency value we had to modify the benefits policy and cancel the 10% discount on all the books required readings. All enrolled trainees will still benefit of a 10% discount on all other Yoga Tree shop items during the 7 months period of the training.

It is highly recommended to practice as much yoga as possible before the beginning, during and forever after the teacher training. To incentivate this, trainees who have signed up for the whole 3 part Teacher Training can, at any time during the training, buy a yearly membership (12 months) to Yoga Roof’s regular classes (Regular Yogi) to the discounted rate of 1200.- chf (instead of 1390) or 900.- chf if student/AVS (instead of 1080.- chf).

Refund policy:

Should the trainee not be able to attend the Teacher Training for health/physical reason, the full* sum can be refunded, if an official certificate is presented to Yoga Roof one month before the beginning of  the Teacher Training.

Later than that, refund will depend on the availability of a replacing candidate for the training. Yoga Roof will do its best to accomodate health related withdrawals, according to its possibilities.

If for a health/physical reason the Trainee should abandon the Training after its beginning, Yoga Roof will refund the sum corresponding to the unattended part**. Alternatively, the corresponding sum may be kept for the next Training if the Trainee wishes to continue after recovery. Also in this case an official certificate should be emitted by the Trainee’s physician and presented to Yoga Roof.

Should Yoga Roof’s faculty advise for a year of extra practice before attending Part 3, but should the trainee prefer to drop out of the training, Yoga Roof will refund the sum payed for Part 3*.

If for any reason (other than health/physical) the Trainee should abandon the Training after its beginning, Yoga Roof will issue no refunds.

*An administrative fee of 100.- chf will be withheld.
**Refund will be calculated on the cost of the individual parts of the training.


Please answer the questions below in an email to, specifying “Teacher Training” in the Subject and completing the email with your personal information (full name, address, email, telephone number)

1) How long have you been studying yoga, what style of yoga and with what frequency per week? Please include meditation practice if applicable.

2) Which parts of the training do you wish to attend (part 1, 2 or 3)

3) Please explain why you would like to participate in this training, and what you would like to achieve from the training.

4) Please describe any current limitations or significant injuries that could affect your participation.

All applicants must submit the application form for approval and a possible telephone interview may be conducted.

Only after reception of  Yoga Roof’s approval the applicant should go ahead and pay for the part he intends to attend in order to reserve its place.


For any further information, please call +41 91 224 81 34 or write to

A couple of shots from last year Yoga Roof TT’s alumni: