Yoga is good for everybody, it improves your physical wellbeing, but it also reinforces your immune system and helps you stay focus. In other words, yogis are healthier and work better.  Nike, HBO, Forbes and Apple (just to name a few) have yoga on-site at their offices and offer yoga to their employees as a regular benefit. 

Yoga Roof caters specific services to the companies in the Lugano region, to promote the wellbeing of employees and managers in a new, holistic way.

Yoga Hike – A Team Building Day:
You don’t need to survive a life-threatening adventure to build a positive rapport with your colleagues .
Sharing a good hike in the open air, a yoga session, a little walking meditation and -at last!- a magnificent meal can be a different way to know each other better, and to build the support and the engagement fundamental to effective teamwork.
Call us to organize a day of Yoga Hike for your team!
The hike takes place in the woods around Carona, with breathtaking views of the lake, to allow those who come from abroad to discover and enjoy the beauty of the region.
Groups of minimum 5 participants. The lunch will be at the Guide Michelin renowned restaurant Alpe Vicania.
A Gift of Yoga:
Instead of another black book, why not give yoga to your employees? Yoga helps to manage stress, to take decisions with clarity and to be healthier overall. This is why yoga is a “win-win” present: it’s good for who gets it and -on the long run- for who gives it!
Yoga Roof can customize vouchers with your company’s branding and that can be the perfect present for a festivity, an anniversary or a retirement. Also the amount of the present can be arranged: for instance 28.- francs for one lesson, 57.- francs for a lesson and a yoga mat, 100.- francs for 4 classes and many more possibilities. Classes are held in the luminous and welcoming downtown studio.
Yoga on-site:
If the mountain doesn’t go to Mohammed…
A Yoga Roof teacher can come to your working place and have regular yoga classes for all the employees who wish to participate. A lunchbreak class, for instance, can renew your energy and you go back to your desk like it’s a new day! If you have a room, the next step is to give us a call.

Yoga Roof’s teachers are highly qualified and recognized by the Swiss Yoga Association and/or the International Yoga Alliance. Consultants are experts in human resources, experiential workshops and personal development. All our teachers/consultants can conduct the meetings in English.