Yoga and Pilates are recognised by many heath insurances for their preventive and healing benefits.

Every health insurance is different and so is every client. It’s impossible for us to give you a complete list of all possible refunds, and for more detailed informations we encourage you to call your insurer. There are many possibile refunds, so don’t hesitate to ask and we’ll be happy to prepare a receipt to prove that you are attending our classes!

However, after having analysed all kinds of reimbursements of all insurers, we have decided to recommend Swica.
Swica is the Health Insurer that reimburses yoga and pilates the most.

With the complementary insurance Completa Praeventa and Optima, Swica is happy to refund up to 600.- chf per year your memberships and classes at Yoga Roof!!

If yoga and pilates are your chosen activities, it’s worth looking into a health insurance that will support you.
November 30th is the deadline for changing Health Insurance this year.

For any information, you can contact

Rita Mazzara
Responsabile Agenzia Generale
Via Cantonale 10
091 612 44 70

P.S.: Rest reassured that Yoga Roof will never give your contact to others (no one!).