Vegan Brunch with Essential Oils

Saturday November 25th, form  10.30 am to 1.30 pm, workshop with Courtenay Mastain, Godspeed-Lugano SOUTH. 

Using high-quality, Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils, learn how to enhance the taste and nutritional quality of your food. Have fun cooking and of course, eating a delicious meal together. A recipe booklet and essential oil samples will help you to recreate the meal at home.


Minty Green Smoothie

Tofu Scramble with Herby Chimichurry

Citrucy Hummus

Fresh Vegetable with Rosemary Oil

Spice Pancake with Apple Compote & Floral Cashew Cream

Festive Chia Pudding

Price: 85.- recipe booklet and oil samples included.

Reservation for workshops are binding. If for any reason you should not be able to attend a workshop you are signed up for, we kindly ask you to cancel your reservation with at least 24 hour notice. Should this not be the case, the class will be billed.