Acro Yoga

Sabato 27 aprile, dalle  11.15 alle 13.15 con Massimilano Manetti, a Yoga Roof Lugano Sud. In Italiano e Inglese.
Come play at Yoga Roof this April! Join Massimiliano for a two hour beginner’s workshop in Acro Yoga, offered in English and Italian. Take a step out of your comfort zone and onto someone’s feet (or shins. Or hands. Or elbows. You get it). Acro Yoga is about developing clear, compassionate communication, about building trust, about learning to let go, and definitely about nurturing a playful spirit. During this introductory workshop, we’ll briefly review the poses covered in March’s workshop (bird and straddle throne), and then continue to fly, base, and spot other basic acrobatic postures and work on safely transitioning from one to the other. Total beginners are welcome! Feel free to bring a partner, or come solo and make some friends.
Prezzo: 39 CHF

Le prenotazioni per i workshop sono vincolanti. Se per qualsiasi ragione non vi fosse possibile partecipare ad un workshop a cui siete iscritti, vi chiediamo di cancellare la prenotazione almeno 24 ore prima. In caso contrario il workshop vi sarà fatturato per intero.

Massimiliano Manetti’s interest in yoga started with Hatha, a practice that helped him get in touch with his body and emotions in an environment free from competition and expectations. When he later discovered Acro Yoga, he found the same qualities he had appreciated in Hatha, combined with other fascinating elements such as trust building, communication, playfulness and acrobatic challenges. He attended Acro trainings in Italy through Anukalana Yoga, and has been teaching beginner Acro Yoga since July, 2018. He hopes to share those same aspects of Acro Yoga that he loves with those who attend his workshops and classes.