ursulaUrsula Lotti

In charge of Meditation for Yoga Roof’s Teacher Training.

Yoga has always been the heart of my life experience. I started practicing Hatha yoga when I was very young.

For some years I lived in an ashram (monastery), both in the United States and in India. During this period I had the opportunity to deepen my Hatha Yoga practice but also to study oriental philosophies.
In those years my teachers have been, among others, D. Brooks, Paul Muller Ortega and Bill Mahoney, and many other  Hatha Yoga teachers, among which John Friend and Laura Loftus.
After this beautiful and life changing experience I came back to Europe and I tried to integrate these teachings in my daily and professional life as a Director of Human Resources in various organizations.
Furthermore, I decided to deepen my knowledge of Hatha Yoga, specializing in Yoga for children, “Hormon Yoga Terapie” for women in menopause and Yoga for the elderly.
Today, the aim of my teaching is to share the sweetness and the spiritual depth of a path that conjugates the beauty of physical balance with the passion for inner research.
Through the ancient and traditional practice of yoga, I wish to help people find stability, peace, wellbeing and meaning in their life.