SoniaI am Sonia Manfra and my journey began in 2000 with the training as Shiatsu operator, Masunanga method. There I met Yoga and I fall in love with it. I had the fortune to met Gabriella Cella Al-Chamali, a yoga teacher but above all a life teacher and I decided to graduate in the S.I.Y.R “Scuola Insegnanti Yoga Ratna” (Yoga Ratna Teacher School) and identify my spiritual journey with its teachings. I still attended its workshops and I travel regularly in India in order to research the pillars of this discipline where it was born. I practice yoga for 15 years and teach Yoga Ratna and Prenatal Yoga for 8 years. Yoga took me close to Ayurveda, an ancient and millenary Indian medicine. Ayurveda fascinated me because it studied in detail and with a whole vision the beautiful machine called human body and did it in an individual manner.

Yoga Ratna in Sanskrit is defined as something desirable, shining like a pearl. The “jewel” that reflect inner light taking in on the surface. This is the aim of the practice: make the practictioner aware of the bright jewel that resides in everyone, we just have to try to recognize it.

The body experiences many postures (Asana) implementing various processes on the physical, psychical and emotional level. The possibility of feel the breath as the breath of life, the relaxation as a liberation practice from tensions take the individual to increase the awareness of him or her self.

The body, the breath, the soul and the mind meet themselves and recognize each other.

Is a complete practice, innovative and actual, very involving, effective and for everyone.

Sonia Manfra:  Yoga Ratna teacher ®,  Ayurvedic operator,  Shiatsu operator