We are a couple of yoga enthusiasts. We have tried it in all the corners of the world. We realized that there is not one kind of yoga that is right for all, but there for sure there is one that is right for you in this moment, here and now.
We opened Yoga Roof in March of 2011, because we wanted a nice place to practice in Lugano. Gandhi said: “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. We wanted to see a beautiful yoga center in Lugano, open to all styles, affordable, well-equipped, quiet and peaceful. A place of tolerance and non judgement, where like-minded people would come around and make friends, community.
From the very start we added Pilates to our offerings. Pilates not only originates most of its concepts directly from yoga, but we find it to be physically complementary and extremely beneficial to those who don’t feel quite ready yet to dive into a spiritual practice like yoga.

We are lucky and honored to be accompanied on this adventure by fabulous, skillful and experienced teachers of both Yoga and Pilates. To them we are deeply grateful. Click to know them!


mara e tereMara Bertelli Sanz – Co-founder of Yoga Roof

I was a correspondent in Washington, D.C. for the Swiss-Italian Radio and was writing a report on a press conference of heads of state. The intent declarations were always the same: good intentions and promises that, after a couple of days, would be forgotten and then overtaken by new statements. In that moment I experienced an epiphany: if everybody did a little bit of yoga, then maybe things would really improve!
After traveling a lot and having attended yoga centers all over the world, from Shanghai to London, from Johannesburg to New York, I opened Yoga Roof in Lugano with my husband Enrique, hoping to entice more people to feel better with themselves and with others.




Enrique Sanz – Co-founder of Yoga Roof

I grew up between the Andes and the Alps. After studying Communication Sciences I worked as a webmaster, translator and auditor.
I walked 500 km from the Camino de Santiago, swam across the lake, and always tried to be a buddha (part-time).
At Yoga Roof I am the Facility Management (carpentry), Head of Communications (web), Head Logistics (Sherpa). I try not to take myself too seriously.








Daisy Degiorgi – Assistant to Yoga Roof

Daisy is the latest add to the Yoga Roof team and we are so happy to have her on board. She is a huge Pilates fan and recently started picking up on yoga too. She grew up in a loving and compassionate environment supported by a great family and surrounded by cats and dogs!

She has been volunteering for various causes and working with young people in ONG projects, from Capriasca to Paraguay.

She is passionate about nutrition, coffee and her boyfriend.

With a Magna cum Laude degree in Communication Science and a certification as a Nutrition Coach, she lovingly attends to all needs of Yoga Roof’s clients, multitasking behind the desk and making everybody feel at home.